Focusrite iTrack Solo (Lightning) USB 2 Audio Interface iOS Mac Win



Product Highlights

2 Input/2 Output
Focusrite Microphone Preamplifier
XLR/TS Microphone/Instrument Input
RCA Unbalanced Monitor Outputs

The iTrack Solo (Lightning) from Focusrite is a 2 input/2 output USB audio interface that provides an easy way to record instruments and vocals to a Lightning compatible iPad, or a Mac or Windows based computer. Featuring a Focusrite microphone preamp, the interface is housed in a compact, rugged but lightweight aluminum case, and is an excellent companion for any singer-songwriter who wants to record their creations or practice.

The front panel has an input for a microphone, along with an input for an instrument such as an electric guitar, bass guitar, or the output of an electro-acoustic guitar. Signal halos around the gain knobs provide feedback for setting optimal audio levels for recording. The headphone output includes a Direct Monitor Switch for eliminating any latency during recording and a pair of RCA line outputs allow for connectivity to other monitoring solutions.

The unit supports a digital resolution of up to 24-bit/96 kHz and includes Ableton Live Lite music making software and the Focusrite Scarlett Plug-In Suite, the latter providing several audio processing tools including gate and reverb, compression, and EQ.

Award-winning microphone input featuring a Focusrite microphone preamp
Connect a microphone and instrument directly to the interface for the simplest setup
Record to an iPad, Mac or PC using preferred software and apps, including GarageBand
Direct monitor switch on the front panel for zero-latency recording
Dual halo lights around the input level knobs provide optimum level feedback
RCA line outputs on rear panel
Front panel headphone output
Large speaker/headphone level dial and “Direct Monitor” function
Switchable phantom power for condenser microphones
Compact and tough aluminum case provides protection against on-the-road abuse

Additional information

Weight 1200 kg


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