Microphone Wireless Audio Technica ATW2120b

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Mic WIreless Audio Technica ATW 2120b

WIreless System yang terdiri dari Microphone Handheld , Transmitter, dan Receiver

Kelengkapan :
1. Handheld Microphone Audio Technica ATW-T220
2. Receiver Audio Technica ATW-R2100a
3. Power Adaptor
4. Rack Mount Kit
5. Antenna

Spesifikasi :
Receiver Audio Technica ATW-R2100a :
Fitur ;
High sensitivity dual IF receiving design for dropout-free
Automatic frequency scanning finds open channel
High efficiency compander for flawless audio
10 compatible user-switchable channels in one of two UHF
frequency ranges
Antenna power available for powered antennas & other in-line
RF devices
Receiver internal function menu with soft-touch controls
Straightforward channel selection process
Digital Tone Lock squelch
Adjustable receiver squelch
True Diversity receiver with silent, automatic switching
Tuner operation indicator displays tuner with strongest reception
Receiver front panel displays for RF and AF signal levels
AC or 1218 V DC operation
Rear panel or front panel antenna mount options
Balanced and unbalanced outputs
Output level control on the rear panel
Ground lift switch on balanced output
Rugged metal receiver construction
Mounts in a single rack space (1 or 2 units)
Clear sound quality, rock solid, dependable performance

Microphone Handheld ATW-T220
Fitur ;
Rugged high impact housing with integral antenna
10 compatible user-switchable channels in one of two UHF
frequency ranges
High quality, dynamic cardioid microphone element with integral
shock mounts for low handling noise
Two-stage pop filter to protect against p pops
Switchable transmitter power output with high and low
settings offered
Integrated two-position power/mute switch
Straightforward internal channel selector with included tool
Digital Tone Lock to identify the wireless transmitter to
the receiver
Operates on two AA batteries
Battery condition indicator

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